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Personal flowers accent the beauty of chosen fashion, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding scheme. The artistically composed bridal bouquet only includes the most picture perfect flowers, creating a one of a kind treasure for your walk down the aisle. 


From the walk down the aisle to the sealing kiss, the ceremony is the most important aspect of the day. Simple accenting decor accompanied by color specific flowers and foliage styled to a favoring design, creates an intimate setting that will wow guests and leave a lasting impression in the couple’s hearts.


It’s celebration time! The reception is a chance to create an inviting and engaging atmosphere. Establishing a cohesive environment reminiscent of the ceremony site carries the overall wedding style throughout. This is achieved by using coordinating florals, luscious greens, and accent decor. Whether a formal dinner or afternoon hors d’oeuvres, let us assist in designing the perfect reception. Flowers and Foliage Design also offers decorative rentals perfect for your celebration.