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Flowers evoke an unequaled happiness and joy- the kind only they can provide.

-Heath smith, owner and designer

What We Offer


Wedding flowers should reflect personal style, accent the beauty of chosen fashion, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding scheme. We hand pick the freshest, and most beautiful flowers for every aspect of your important day. Pairing specific flower types with a provided color palette to ensure the closest match to what is naturally available, is our goal. Let Flowers & Foliage design your wedding flowers and decor for a truly memorable day.


In times of grief, flowers offer a sense of calm, a soothing aroma, and a welcoming beauty. They also provide an immediate impact of happiness, help alleviate feelings of anxiety and increase emotional bonds between friends and family.

Faux Floral

From simple centerpieces to large trees and urn plantings, our designer creates custom made-to-order artificial floral designs and arrangements. With a background in interior design, Heath has the knowledge to select products that will accentuate the style of your home or business. We only use the highest quality and most realistic faux plants and flowers.